Bulk URL Shortener Online Free
Free custom URL shortener, Shorten multiple URLs!
The bulk URL shortener tool is capable of shortening multiple URLs at a time.
This is a quick and easy way to shorten a lot of URLs without having to waste a lot of time. Just paste all the links you want to shorten in the textarea below, one link per line.
URL shortening is a tool for managing web addresses. Users can make simplified addresses that essentially become links to other web pages. A link to, does not indicate cut.pink's endorsement of or affiliation with that website. A redirect or link is simply a shortcut. Linking is not the same as hosting a website. No website material such as data or files (except for the cut.pink site files) are ever stored or hosted on our servers. Cut.pink is not responsible for the content of external sites or resources that are redirected by our service. As a user of our service if you make a link, you are responsible for what you do with it!